Saturday, June 15, 2013


So, I'm watching Hogan's Heroes, and I realize that I could learn a lot of manipulation techniques from these guys.  Having studied episode after episode of this, I now have a list of two techniques to use.  Here they are:

Technique 1:

1.  Find a really stupid person.
2.  Find out what they're scared of.
3.  Tell them that it's going to happen.
4.  Tell them that they can get out of it if they do what you want them to.
5.  When they find out that it wasn't going to happen, blame rumor.

Technique 2:

1.  Find a really stupid person.
2.  Find out what they like.
3.  Tell them that it will only happen if they do what you want.
4.  Pretend to give it to them.
5.  Push the red button at the last minute.

Both of these techniques seem to be foolproof.  As soon as I can, I'll try them out and my life will finally go the way I want it to.

Only one problem.

I don't know any really stupid people.

That kind of messes things up a bit.  Maybe I can find out how to manipulate smart people someday.

Or maybe I could just try being content.  That might work better.


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